Unknown Prepper Fiction Writing Contest!!

Unknown Prepper Fiction Writing Contest!!

Enter your original fictional prepping or survival story into the Unknown Prepper Writing Contest

Editor's Choice winner receives $250!

First Prize winner receives $100!

Entry Fee: FREE!

Genre: Survival Fiction

Format: Short Story (1,500 to 10,000 words max)

If your story is shorter than 1,500 words check out our Very Short Story Contest!

Entry Deadline: September 1st, 2013

Honorable Mentions Awarded: Up to 5% of Entries

You are welcome to enter as many titles as you would like!

Here's how the writing contest works...

There is no fee to enter the contests, you simply need to sign up for a Free UNKNOWN.COM Account. Request to become an author. Then list the work you wish to enter for the contest on unknown.com. Writing contests are judged, in part, by UNKNOWN.COM member readers and the team here at Unknown Prepper, so during the time that the writing contest is being judged the work will be listed on the UNKNOWN.COM website. Once the judging is over and the winners are announced, the collection of short stories will be published in professionally designed book available in both print and ePub formats.

Good Luck!!

  • Bhee Ann Varon Tabaosuarez

    The Big Mistake


    That was always crowd tell me.
    Oh Yes.. Im not fashioned enough and not groomed well but I dont deserve this treatment.

    I dont deserve slap,criticism,verbal abuse etc.,

    I was just a simple girl wanted to have a simple life but the world just always disagree to it.

    One time I meet a guy name Seven .. and on that particular day I was also bullied by some highschool girls who always roll their eyes ..

    He was there for me.

    A hanky to wipe my tears away.

    I treat him as my Knight.

    But one day he barrow my cellphone in no reason ..

    My brows get frowned.

    On the next day..

    I realized I commit the biggest mistake.

    He posted all my pictures in all app site and the whole world bullied me.

    All laughter is because of me..


    -bhee ann

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