Any Moment Now

Any Moment Now

Disaster Can Strike Without Warning

Any moment now the unknown can happen. Are you prepared? Will you survive?  If the natural catastrophic events of late have not given you a wake-up call to prepare for some natural disaster, then you and your family will have to rely upon the generosity of others and the care of the government organizations, such as FEMA.  Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy have both show how weak we all are in the face of nature’s fury and how fragile our daily lives are by the interruption of basic services such as food, water, shelter and fuel.   The 2011 Tōhoku 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami in Japan showed us the destructive power of the ocean as it wiped whole villages and cities off the map leaving piles of debris and bodies in its wake.  The natural disaster of the Japanese event joined with the man-made Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Plant failures resulted in the largest nuclear disaster since the Chernobyl disaster back in 1986.  These events are have impacted the lives of millions, caused billions of dollars in damages and should serve as a wake-up call for us all to prepare for the unknown.

The mission of Unknown Prepper is to help our readers plan, prepare and put into practice the insight, goods and skills needed to better survive the unknown. Be it from the aftermath of a natural disaster, extreme weather, acts of war, a pandemic viral outbreak, or some other unknown cause, we, at Unknown Prepper have to imagine the worst possible scenarios in order to help our readers plan for the best possible outcomes. We prepare for ourselves and our families, and we want share our knowledge with other interested parties.  Anything can happen and we all must prepare for the unknown.

It is never too late to start preparing, but it will take a lot more than just stockpiling the gear and grub required to survive the aftermath of the unknown. By following our resource guides, feature articles, product reviews, instructional videos, and blog entries, we at Unknown Prepper believe in the philosophy that prepping is for those who are preparing for an unknown future. Becoming a person who preps for disasters begins with a level of awareness. A prepper knows that there are possible threats, and as a human, it only makes sense to be as prepared as possible beginning with the essential disaster items to sustain your family’s basic needs (food, water, clothing and shelter).  Form a simple plan to address the bare necessities and then continue expanding that plan by adding more layers of preparation into your overall plan.  Start with the simple items and then grows your preps into more complex solutions over time.  Once you acquire the essential good and gear, then you must practice using the food and equipment that may one day stand between you and certain death.

When it comes to self-reliance, it is all up to you. You are the end of the line and must pull your own weight. Learn your tools, learn their limits, and learn to survive THE UNKNOWN.

We are your neighbors, your co-workers, your friends and family -- we are the Unknown Preppers.

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