• Self-Assessment and Evaluation

    During an emergency, you will not have the time or the mental focus to fully assess your situation.  For disaster planning purposes, it is best to identify potential threats in your community, such as the location of flood-prone areas, power plants and hazardous chemical plants or warehouses.

  • Why Prepare?

    Disasters can affect most anyone at anytime at any time of the year, swiftly and without warning. Most people don't think of a disaster until it is too late; then they suddenly realize how unprepared they are for the massive changes it makes in their lives.

  • Any Moment Now

    Any moment now the unknown can happen. Are you prepared? Will you survive?

  • Unknown Prepper Fiction Writing Contest!!

    Enter your original fictional prepping or survival story into the Unknown Prepper Writing Contest

  • Food Storage: Beans and Rice

    Beans and Rice are staples that should be found in every food pantry. By combining Rice and Bean in a meal, you replace the need to have a meat or other protein. 

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