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Because the overall well-being of this country is dependent upon the continued success of small and large businesses, we at UNKNOWN™ and our partners work with the intent of preparing companies and organizations to effectively plan for emergencies and to teach executive level managers and small business owners how to develop a comprehensive and effective business continuity program from start to finish.

Current world events have heightened the need for individuals, families and businesses to develop strategies for mitigating, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from small and large scale emergencies. In the context of a highly integrated global economy, nearly every aspect of our daily existence is likely to feel the negative effects of emergencies around the world.  Also, in the face of intense competition, it is crucial that all businesses have a plan for continuing operations before, during, and after emergencies and disasters of all types.

UNKNOWN™ Consulting Services works with organizations to foster the development of a solid business continuity program and emergency response plan to help:

  • Fulfill their fiduciary responsibility to protect employees, the community, and the environment.
  • Strengthen their ability to survive and recover from emergencies, as well as protect jobs and investments.
  • Justify lower insurance premiums.
  • Reduce exposure to civil and criminal liability.
  • Limit the impact of risks to their businesses.
  • Improve their corporate image and credibility.
  • Enhance their ability to respond efficiently and effectively to emergencies of all types.

Disaster Preparation Plan Development

UNKNOWN™ Consulting Services offers Disaster Preparation Plan development by working with our clients in order to determine specific levels of the current and probable risk through a thorough review of recent risk assessment data or the deployment of a team of certified subject matter experts to develop a comprehensive hazard vulnerability assessment.  Through the experience and knowledge gleaned from these activities, UNKNOWN™ Consulting Services can provide Emergency Operation Plans specific to your organization utilizing best practices and lessons learned from disaster responses involving manmade as well as natural disasters from a global perspective.

Business Continuity Planning

UNKNOWN™ Business Continuity Planners and Partners have a great deal of experience working with clients of all sizes, around the country, developing business continuity plans. UNKNOWN™ takes pride in providing long standing solutions to our clients. Having business continuity planning experience coupled with emergency response experience and data protection has proven time and time again that our solutions help our customers stand solid in the wake of a catastrophe.

Emergency Management Plannning

UNKNOWN™ Consulting Services Emergency Management Planning team has years of experience in developing Emergency Operations Plans. UNKNOWN™ leverages its breadth and depth of subject matter experts to provide real world solutions to real world problems. In addition, the staff can review current Emergency Operation Plans, provide a gap analysis, as well as assist the client in developing content based on the specific needs of our clients.

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Be Prepared. Be Safe.

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