Unknown™ is the trademark of Unknown Planner, LLC.   Unknown Planner, LLC, is a division of Unknown.com, Inc., a 16 year old corporation in the State of Florida.

We at Unknown™ are all just normal people with families who want to be better prepared for everything from natural disasters, civil emergencies, personal job loss, long-term illness or something even more catastrophic like TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it). Now we do not believe that there will be some type of zombie apocalypse where the dead rise and walk again, but we are fans of that genre of fiction due to the compelling stories of survival often portrayed by resourceful individuals. We believe in the full circle of response: Plan, Prep and Practice.

If any of these thoughts sound familiar, or if being better prepared for most any emergency sounds like a good idea, then you are in the right place at the right time. For the record, Unknown™ does not operate out of an underground bunker with years of stored food and an arsenal of weapons that would put an army to shame.  We are the practical, normal people who live next door who believe that preparedness is a journey and a lifestyle, and we at Unknown™ are here to help you with your journey by showing you that the task of looking after yourself, your family, and your business is both achievable and enjoyable.

Perhaps you have seen recent TV shows related to cataclysmic disasters, prepping for the end of the world or a zombie uprising and saw through the sensationalism enough to think that maybe one or two of those shows had a pretty good idea. Even if you are new to prepping or you are already well established in your plans and your preps, we promise that you will always find some useful tips and tricks here at Unknown™. Sometimes just following the journey of another prepper can help you blaze your own path as several members of the Unknown™ team are still new to prepping and will be constantly updating the site with interesting articles and personal blog entries.

The Unknown™ core team includes several like-minded individuals along with their significant others, families and friends. We readily welcome the opportunity to establish trusting relationships with other people interested in prepping both locally and from afar. For our communications, we at Unknown™ use alias names throughout this site to protect our individual privacy, the privacy of our families, and the privacy of the folks who share information with us in comments, interviews or articles.

To be clear about one thing upfront – Unknown™ is not a military, anti-government, extremist, religious or discriminatory website. If you have strong political, extremist or religious feelings, then this site is not the place to share those feelings or insult the views expressed by others. Of course we are always open to good honest, intelligent discussion and debate, but we do not wish to be extremists or to provide a forum for their vile rants. We at Unknown™ are sane, intelligent people who believe in good morals and good planning. We lead normal lives. We go to work. We spend weekends having fun with the family. Possibly the only real difference between us and most people is that we just happen to have a few more cans of food in our pantries and some extra camping equipment in our garage. Also, we are most certain that at least one of us on the team has a few more zombie movies in their DVD collection than what may be deemed socially acceptable.

Whether you are new to the site or a valued contributing member, we at Unknown Prepper are glad you are here. If you have been looking for other like-minded people or if you need assistance figuring out where to begin to prepare, then you have found the right place with the right people.  We welcome your contact, be it through comments, emails, or through getting together in person at some prepping event.

Welcome, and please enjoy Unknown™.

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