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  • Any Moment Now

    Any moment now the unknown can happen. Are you prepared? Will you survive?

  • Lifestraw Personal Water Filter Review

    Check out our review of the LifeStraw personal water filter.

  • Basic Canning Guide for Food Preservation

    This quick guide provides an overview of how canning can be easy, fun, and rewarding.  Canning can be a safe and economical way to preserve quality food at home.

  • Unknown Prepper Fiction Writing Contest!!

    Enter your original fictional prepping or survival story into the Unknown Prepper Writing Contest

  • Food Storage: Beans and Rice

    Beans and Rice are staples that should be found in every food pantry. By combining Rice and Bean in a meal, you replace the need to have a meat or other protein. 

  • Food Storage: What to Store, How Much to Store, and How to Store It?

    When it come to food storage, by far, the most popular question to ask is what type of food to store?  There exists an overabundance of information and tons of marketing on the Internet that one needs to filter in order to distill down a simple list.

  • Water Storage Guide for an Emergency Plan

    We take our water supply for granted.  We normally assume that when we open the kitchen tap that the nearly free water will flow clean and ready to drink

  • Create a Family Disaster Supply Kit

    One of the first steps toward preparedness is the creation of a family disaster supply kit. This will help families get through the first few days after a disaster.

  • Are You Prepared For Hurricanes?

    A hurricane is a powerful cyclone created in the Atlantic Ocean. Depending on the location and strength a Tropical cyclone is known by one of several names: hurricane, typhoon, tropical storm, cyclonic storm, tropical depression, and cyclone.

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    test article

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