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  • Returning Home after a Disaster

    Returning home after a major disaster can be both physically dangerous and mentally difficult.

  • UNKNOWN™ Survival Series eBooks

    UNKNOWN has released a portion of its multi-volume survival series of eBooks to help you and your family prepare for The Unknown™ - For Free. This initial release of Survival Series, Volumes 1-3, borrows from our extensive UNKNOWN 'Prepping for The Unknown' content.

  • VIDEO: Prepare for a Hurricane

    The images from Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy should serve as a reminder to all to prepare for the worst. Make a plan, prep supplies, practice with your plan and gear to better survive a disaster.

  • What to Include in an Evacuation Plan?

    Your evacuation plan will be determined by what disastrous events are taking place in your area. The items you need to have are...

  • Emergency Preparations for Pets

    Families must seriously consider emergency preparations for pets as Red Cross disaster shelters cannot accept pets because of...

  • Organize a Family Preparedness Plan

    In addition to your family disaster supply kit, develop a family preparedness plan.

  • Emergency Evacuation of You and Your Family

    Advance planning will make evacuation procedures easier. First, you should have your family disaster supply kit and...

  • Self-Assessment and Evaluation

    During an emergency, you will not have the time or the mental focus to fully assess your situation.  For disaster planning purposes, it is best to identify potential threats in your community, such as the location of flood-prone areas, power plants and hazardous chemical plants or warehouses.

  • Cooking Food During an Emergency

    Healthy survival cooking and survival nutrition during an emergency situation is different than regular cooking and nutrition we often strive to maintain. The goal of emergency cooking is to prepare enough calories for your family to the best of your ability in the given situation.

  • Why Prepare?

    Disasters can affect most anyone at anytime at any time of the year, swiftly and without warning. Most people don't think of a disaster until it is too late; then they suddenly realize how unprepared they are for the massive changes it makes in their lives.

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